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Meet Our TrekMasters - David and Betty Baxley

David and Betty Baxley

David and Betty Baxley share a love for exploring the great outdoors in their RV. They have traveled extensively to remote corners of the US (including Alaska), Mexico and Canada.

Betty was born an "Air Force Brat" and has lived all over the US (including Fairbanks, Alaska) and a few foreign countries. Betty is a registered nurse and has worked in the medical field for over 25 years. She enjoys cooking, reading, hiking and RVing.

David has worked in the Telecommunications industry for 23 years. He has traveled extensively in the US (including Alaska), Canada and western Europe. He has an adventurous spirit and shares his wife's love of the outdoors. He enjoys reading, hiking, canoeing, and RVing.

David and Betty recently completed a trip where they visited virtually every National Park in the western United States and Canada.